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Twenty-seven Years

Posted by Marilou on December 9, 2017 at 5:27pm 0 Comments

Twenty-seven Years

He is the moonlight
I am the sun
He is the resting, closing, ending of the day, the waiting in contemplation, risking little, staying still
I am the waking of each day to all its possibilities, hopes and dreams
testing the limits, moving forward
He is Beethoven moody and brooding
I am Gershwin new and excited, wanting and seeking
He is fall
I am spring
He is wait
I am go
We are
what we are


Posted by Marilou on July 19, 2017 at 12:12pm 0 Comments


What a great time in the ocean water today. Got there about 2:30 pm when the tide was pushing its way towards the high tide mark.

Only the pre-teens were venturing out to the float to dive off in a display of youthful machoism.

I treaded water watching the sailing team practice their maneuvers, listened to the small children cavort at the shoreline, and the mothers scold the little ones who splashed them, ever eager that mother would join them in the water.



Her Crowing Glory

Posted by Marilou on April 6, 2017 at 11:35am 0 Comments

Her Crowning Glory

This Mattapoisett Life

By Marilou Newell


            There are apparently more than a few passages in religious manuscripts that speak to what women should do with their hair. Probably the ones we know best go something like, “…a woman’s hair is her crowing glory…”, or, “…gray hair is a crown of glory for it has earned a righteous life…” Female hair has been a topic of interest…


Arm Floats

Posted by Mike Turvey on January 12, 2017 at 4:24pm 4 Comments

Thought I'd share some 3D printed "Arm Floats" I started making for my daughter a while back.  She's been using them for a couple years now, and they've really helped her develop movement and control of her arms.  The design has been evolving over time.  As parts break, I redesign them to make the stronger.  The folks at her school seem to be very good at helping me to find weak spots.  I also recently switched from regular rubber bands, which wear out after a couple months, to silicone…


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Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Printed Flower Pot

(br)This is another one of the 20 exploratory projects I've assigned to the printing crew. It is printed with bamboo infused filament. The saucer is an integral part of the pot and joined via a mesh-like structure that also serves to allow excess…
5 hours ago
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Marilou posted a blog post

Twenty-seven Years

Twenty-seven YearsHe is the moonlightI am the sunHe is the resting, closing, ending of the day, the waiting in contemplation, risking little, staying stillI am the waking of each day to all its possibilities, hopes and dreamstesting the limits, moving forwardHe is Beethoven moody and broodingI am Gershwin new and excited, wanting and seekingHe is fallI am springHe is waitI am goWe are what we aretogether.See More
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Dec 4
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Coin Update

Testing an aged patina on our 3D printed, soon to be issued, commemorative medallion; using pickle juice.Not sure that the patina will appear on the final version.
Nov 29
Richard Pasillas posted photos
Nov 23
Richard Pasillas posted photos
Nov 22
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Catering to Orange in 3D

These photos are cropped but otherwise, untouched. This seating/mobility system, for a consumer with multiple lower limb anomalies, contains 17 components that are 3D printed in either ABS or TPE.The most visible are the laptray rims, right seat…
Nov 20
Brady Fulton commented on Richard Pasillas's photo

3D Brake Pad

"Nice, did you 3d print the casting frame or the actual brake pad?"
Nov 10
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

3D Printed Brake Pad

We have several casting frames that we use daily. Of course, things wear out after a while. In this case, brake pads. So, why not print a replacement?Actually, the black one is the prototype but the teeth were too small and it looked unfinished. So,…
Nov 8
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

3D Printed Leg Trough (Foot Box)

On the lefthand side of the wheelchair, a custom fabricated, labor intensive, leg trough: cut, drill, bend, install fasteners, prepare foam liner. It still requires detailing and upholstery. On the righthand side, a 3D printed leg trough; depicted…
Oct 31
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Oct 23
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Oct 19
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Custom Lateral Arm Pad

3D printed arm pad for power wheelchair. Includes ABS insert with embedded t-nut fasteners.See finished product here’s:
Oct 18
Richard Pasillas posted photos
Oct 18
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

3D Printed Posture Harness

Why not sew a few straps together while waiting for your client's posture harness to print.Shown is a pediatric, symmetrical, four-point design. You can also introduce a G-tube, baclofen pump or colostomy alteration.The finished product is easy to…
Oct 3
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Large Headrest 3D Printed

A large asymmetrical Headrest for a large male with a strong tendency for left lateral head/neck flexion. Printed on the AON-M
Sep 29
Richard Pasillas posted a photo

Imagined Vs Delivered

Above is the illustrated assembly of what we envisioned and below, the actual finished product. The toe straps insert from the underside of the 3D printed Footplate. However, notice the (illustrated version) oval expansions on the shorter straps?…
Aug 26
Richard Pasillas posted photos
Aug 26
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Aftermarket Adaptation

"Oh man, I hope it works out for you guys. Look forward to seeing the results."
Aug 24

Lookilu Images

A shopping cart with wheels and a motor. It sets a new meaning to Powered Wheelchair.

The Sidewinder meets Segway

Here's a neat bracelet that can be redesigned to give feedback about posture or head position.

We've all seen pressure maps but not used this way.

Tricky manuever.Getting back upright from floor.

Creating a new standard for future WC's for CMS funding. There is no audio. If you have a Lookilu you wish to share, send it to us and we'll post it here with credits to you.

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